IM Systems
Our company

IM Systems stands for Intelligent Monitoring Systems

The security system focuses on technical support for monitoring the safety and security of persons in high-risk areas during a shut-down or while maintenance is performed.

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The security system is a system that monitors the safety and security of multiple work areas at once. We can apply the following modules for this purpose: camera and communication systems, access control, gas detection and track & trace. The results obtained from this surveillance can be read in a control room manned by an operator.

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We use our systems primarily in the manufacturing, petrochemical, chemical, and shipbuilding industries and at power plants and construction sites.

These systems can be interconnected to enable all data to be sent via a wireless system to a control room.

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Our systems can be hired for long or short periods, enabling you to limit your investment costs. Our technicians can install these systems on-site, offering our customers full-scale support.

We provide a top-class services with a view to promoting safe and socially responsible entrepreneurship.

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IM Systems vision

Our vision is to provide our customers with modern-day technology to enable them to achieve even better operating results thanks to our support.
With our intelligent systems we aim to be the firm that distinguishes itself from its competitors by supporting safety and security with technology.

In brief: with IM Systems you are guaranteed a safe working environment.

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  • Fast assembly/dismantling of systems
  • Robust materials
  • Compatible with all customer software
  • Follow-up services for safety/health
  • Optimum support for interventions
  • Data output/reports
  • Inexpensive rental